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Sadie and the Sea Dogs

‘Dreamer.’ Mum called her. ‘Always miles away.’

Sadie lives by the Thames at Greenwich and longs for sea adventure. She happily whiles away hours at The Maritime Museum or gazing at The Cutty Sark and fills her head with dreams of ocean voyages on ancient sailing ships.

‘And there inside she found a different world

Where rigging sang and white winged sails unfurled.’

One day she falls asleep beneath a cabinet in the
 museum and wakes to find herself embarking on an adventure of which she could only have dreamed …

Duffy’s lyrical poetry and Joice’s richly imaginative illustrations combine to create an unforgettable voyage into a magical world of dolphins, mermaids, pirates and treasure.

ISBN: 9780995647893
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 279 x 215 mm
Length: 42
Publication Date: 16/11/2020
Genre: Children's Picture Book

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