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Thursday 12th September 2017, 7.30- 9pm Bath, Alison Murdoch will be discussing Bed 12 with Jamyang Bath, details here 


Radio Coverage for Bed 12


Dr Phil Hammond says ‘I think everyone should read the book’ on BBC Radio Scotland (starts 9:10′).

Listen to Alison Murdoch on Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio 2 with Jason Mohammad (starts 39:30′)

Listen to Alison Murdoch on BBC Radio Scotland with Kaye Adams (starts at 1hr 18′)

Listen to Alison Murdoch on BBC Radio London with Jamoke Fashola


Media Articles on Bed 12


A Moment that Changed Me: Alison Murdoch in the Guardian

Read how Buddhist wisdom helped Alison Murdoch deal with trauma in Female First

Read Alison Murdoch’s advice in the Guardian on speaking to someone with a serious illness

Read The Daily Express interview Alison Murdoch

Read Guy’s and St Thomas’ article about Bed 12 – ‘A Love Letter to the NHS’

Read Alison Murdoch’s Five Tips for National Carers Week in The Huffington Post